Jiji Captures the Attention of All

I have never seen a program that captures the attention of all students! I mean ALL students! This past week, I worked with multiple elementary schools in order to help students get started with a research-based program called ST Math. It is a visual mathematics program that uses a penguin named Jiji to complete levels in a game like fashion. This program is designed to increase math comprehension. Watching all ability levels play has been such a joy! The most struggling of learners are excelling in ways I never thought possible. I can only imagine what the effects will be after a year of working with Jiji.

The most inspiring part of all were the conversations and “buzz” about Jiji. Students from various grade levels were asking others if they had seen Jiji or played. These conversations happened in the hallway, cafeteria, and even recess. Students were so engaged they wanted to miss lunch to continue playing. I can’t wait to see how this program helps students with math!

Here is a clip of a kindergarten student logging in with his picture password!


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