Integrating Computer Science into an Everyday Classroom

Computer Science Week is Here!

The buzz of coding is in the air! However, in Goochland County we spend more than just one week on coding. We work to integrate coding and computer science skills into the curriculum on a regular basis! So, instead of highlighting just a week of amazing coding ideas I wanted to take a moment to highlight the various ways our teachers are integrating computer science into the curriculum with students as young as five!

In kindergarten students are exploring Ozobots, Scratch Jr, and PBS Kids Scratch Jr to make connections to literature, science, and even math!

Ms. Perry’s kindergarten class partnered with 5th graders in Mr. Beasley’s class to have the older students teach the younger students the basic concepts of Scratch Jr. We read the story There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey and challenged the kindergarten students to code their favorite scene from the book and they had to make at least one object move. The 5th graders helped the kindergarten students learn how to use Scratch Jr. and code their favorite scene.

In Ms. Ruffner’s  3rd grade class they coded a scene to show what they had learned so far about China.

In Ms. Kauffman’s 5th grade class we are using the Ozobots to code a road trip through the regions! We introduced students to the concept of block coding by having them complete various challenges through Ozobots’ Shape Tracer Training. It was amazing to watch students problem solving and persevering even when they felt like giving up!


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